Saturday, June 03, 2006

More E3

(Written May 12, 2006)

Apparently lucasarts has been working on pwn technologies for the past few years. Be on the lookout for:

A Star Wars game which has "molecular physics". The emphasis was that based on the material, stuff busts apart super-realistically. From the way he was talking about it, it sounded like there was a lot more to it than he was telling. From a purely speculative stance, I picture it working, based on his rought description, something like re-building a model whe it's destroyed, putting a new vertex at the point of destructive impact, then busting it apart. Again, I just made that crap up. But it sounded like the end result is what you'd get with the preceding method. The short clip they showed had 3 spaceships blowing up, but it looked just like every spaceship that's ever blown up in a 3d game ever.

An Indiana Jones game wherein all animation aspects, rather than being merely tweening from animation to ragdoll and back, are actually operated by an AI "nervous system". A ragdoll could try to protect its head while smashing into something, for example. I saw a very short clip on TV (10 seconds or so) wherein Jones threw a mobster against a car, and he was falling as a ragdoll, but at the last moment shoved his hands out to the ground to catch himself, and then got up. It looked very cool. He was shved against the car again and was dazed. He remained slumped against the car for the rest of the clip, clearly still in ragdoll mode but slightly lolling is head around and sort of tensing around his body like you'd expect a suddenly injured person to do.

Regarding Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, what do they do with the series when they run out of synonyms for "fight"? lol. As for characters: We need some SquareENIX dudes in there. Crono with Cyclone, Lightning, and Spin Cut would rule (I don't remember Spin Cut much because It's so totally obsolete with the rainbow sword and confuse, but IIRC it adapts well to a typical up+B recovery move). Confuse would make a good throw, too. Although, Pikachu already has a Lightning that acts exactly the same. Whatever, Robo would kick ass too.


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