Saturday, June 03, 2006

Whatever happened to FPS endings?

(Written January 6th, 2006)

WARNING: Spoilers about several FPS games.

So I just finished Quake 4 and it doesn't have an ending.

HALO 2 didn't have an ending. Half-Life 2 didn't have an ending. F.E.A.R. didn't have an ending. And now Quake 4 has no ending. Guess what fellas, it's only cool and unexpected if, say, 20% or less of big-budget shooters do it... i.e. not all of them.

I'm so tired of spending 8-12 times as long on a game as on a movie and still have no conclusion. For the record, all these non-endings (except HL2) sucked in their own right, besides the fact that it's overdone.

Even Lord of the Rings ended after 9 hours. If I spend double that on a game, I don't care what loose ends you leave open but the game's not fucking over if the ghost-villain-chick is on the helicopter, or if you give me a new assignment before the screen fades, or any BS like that.

This is ridiculous.


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