Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jesus is here

(Written May 14th, 2006)

My Uncle is in pulmonary (lung medicine) and just told us this story:

An old woman, 90 or so, falls unconcious in her nursing home and ends up in the emergency room. They get her stabilized but she's in a coma and no one has a good idea why other than the fact that she's really old. They get a tube down her throat and hook her up to a respirator and she's stable and whatnot.

An indeterminate amount of time later, my uncle is called in to check up on her breathing, so he drives over. As he approaches the room he hears a woman finishing what sounds like a big old long-winded prayer, and sure enough is a woman by this old lady's side. After finishing the prayer and my uncle comes in he's checking the respirator and the woman starts saying, "Jesus is here (old lady's name), don't worry, Jesus is here. Don't worry Jesus is here. Jesus is here (name), don't worry." On and on and on and on and on in the sort of high-pitched, sing-song voice you'd use to reassure a young child. So my Uncle's now using his stethoscope and trying to listen to her lungs to make sure they're OK, and this woman is going on and on, "Don't worry, Jesus is here."

Just then the old lady's eyes start to flutter a little and eventually they open. She looks up at my Uncle. The first thing she hears is "Jesus is here." The first thing she sees is my Uncle, holding a stethoscope to her chest. My uncle doesn't look much like the stereotypical Jesus but, out of my whole family, he looks far and away the most like Jesus.

I lol'd. My uncle is Jesus.


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