Saturday, June 03, 2006

E3 2006 (Mostly Wii)

(Written May 10th, 2006)

The most impressive moment for me was the tennis match between Nintento Executives and Scott Dier, a fan who won an AOL-sponsored contest to play the Wii first. This was impressive because if ever there was a moment where Wii had to work, it was here. They showed tremendous confidence in the Wii controllers and systems to put their executives in the position of playing it live before the world. The fact that Scott, a newbie to the Wii system, could pick it up instantly and play it fairly well, was a powerful testiment to the wisdom of Nintento's disruptive technology, and their assured continued success.

That's called CONFIDENCE. I also hear Sony's price tag is 500-600 US$. The gist of their statement was, "We can charge any fucking amount we want and you fuckers will buy it, because we rock your shit like that." In light of that, and the fact that I dont' like the XBOX360's business plan, I'm definitely getting Wii ASAP.

Here's the show on the new Zelda game from their stage time: lol internet
If you want to watch in windows media instead of quicktime, change the last 3 letters in the URL from "mov" to "wmv".

Also of interest at E3 from what I gather tonight is Battlefield 2142. Sadly, it looks like they're pushing their "omg graphics rush kekeke" strategy from BF2 to the limit, meaning my current machine won't be able to play it well enough to be any fun.

There's a new Super Mario Brothers for DS, called... New Super Mario Bros. How creative. It uses a lot of wacky new stuff. Think less like the original and more like SMB3 or Super Mario World. It's going to have very nice, crisp 3d graphics that look great on the DS, with classic 2d scrolling gameplay. Definitely something to pick up if you have a DS.

The Wii offering is Super Mario Galaxy. It looks really lame but I've been wrong before (Super Mario Sunshine), so we'll see. It seems like Miyamoto can do no wrong.

Not enough Mario? Three words: Super Paper Mario.

There's a new game for 360 called Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA's got big balls re-starting the sequel count over a 3d game which also features Shadow and an even lamer-looking newcomer. All signs point to suck.

No news on it so far, but this has me VERY EXCITED:
"Project Wiki" is a casual, fairy tale based MMORPG with intense levels of cooperative interaction. The relationships and actions of each individual player directly influence the entire "Project Wiki" world and all of its elements. "Project Wiki" incorporates an adaptive system enabling the decisions players make in quests and missions to contribute to the individual personalities of characters, including what they wear and their facial expressions. "Project Wiki" will deliver a lively, creative and interactive online game play experience in a whimsical and charming environment for PC.
I'm sure I don't have to tell most of you that this sounds like a dream come true for me. No hardcore gaming, casual only, but that's a safe plan: less encroaching on existing MMO player bases, and easier to make the Wiki format work in a new medium. We'll see what happens. The same company is also producing an MMO shooter based on UNREAL3 called Huxley and "Soul of the Ultimate Nation", which from their bragging, sounds like something close to either guild wars or diablo 2. read: fantasy RPG, online, very fast getting a group and getting to the action.

I don't know anything about it but there's a game called WTF: Work Time Fun. lol

Speaking of odd games, ever played The Ship? It's a Half-Life mod. On the site was their hopes for someday, somehow, turning it into a commercial product. They got their wish. The ship comes to steam June 21st. If you like "murder mystery" war3 maps, you owe it to yourself to check it out. There's a lot of gameplay factors, but basically each player has to kill another random player. Your goal is to find your target and kill him discreetly, trying not to be found and killed first by your hunter - who you can't identify except by your wits.

I used to clean out arcades with my skillz in Tekken Tag Tournament, so you can imagine my disappointment in Tekken: Dark Ressurection. From the 2 gameplay trailers of 6 or 7 battles, it looks like Tekken 5. It has extremely minor graphics improvements, new levels, Armor King, and some chick with a terrible fighting stance who got her ass kicked without pulling off any full move animations, but all in all it's just like Tekken 5. Many of the levels were re-hashes of 5's levels, no returning characters (even armor king) displayed new moves, there's no new mechanics, and Roger Jr., although a great one-shot character, shouldn't be around anymore. NAMCO's never been afraid to transfer Tekken move lists to new characters, so why not someone that makes sense, like the original Roger?

Neversoft has finally done what it's promised for years and made a new Tony Hawk engine which I presume doesn't have the corner-exploit bugs of the last 4 games and will ruin all my fun. Most glitchers were dicks about knowing more than other people though, so no great loss. They said they would have to skip a year to get the engine done. Instead they spent 3 years on it alongside their other games, so now they have a new engine and still have their annual release. I don't know how they managed it all. So far I've sent 3 annual letters about how I'm not buying their games anymore until they put back in the option for a game host to observe (currently only clients can observe). That really makes or breaks the series for me. An odd quirk, but from my limited knowledge, I don't see how it's a technical problem. I mean it was there and then they took it OUT. Of course, it might be a problem now that they have a new engine.


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