Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sony is fail at MMORPGs

(Written March 26th, 2006)

OK let's see... EQ2, matrix online, and star wars galaxies are all infamous for sucking balls... panetside is not infamous, but nevertheless sucks... and EQ1 is old.

Oh, lookie here: they're selling the 5 of them for forty dollars. That's right; they admit that each of these games for 1 month isn't worth ten bucks apiece. That's not marketing for subscriptions; that's desperation.

Additionally, EQ2's classes are getting hauled over so that you don't wait until level 20 to start being unique. Instead of saying, "shit we need to make the early game more compelling," they said, "shit we gotta pull another star wars galaxies and lose any unique aspect we have over City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, and even our own fucking old EQ, which is still running."



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