Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mission Statement.

Last updated August 24, 2006

I think that there's really not enough resources for good commentary about game development except what you get from interviews with actual developers. This kind of bothers me because, well, I'm not a developer myself... For the time being, at least. I love to read what other people think about game creation, and there are sources for that, but I always want more.

Thus, this blog. My hope is that somewhere, some day, someone just like me will waste an entire day of their life going through the 2 years of archived entries here. If that happens for just one person, on top of the permanent record it provides me for later review, it will have been well worth-it. (In this regard, it's already some of a success!)

My commentary and opinion tends to side with Will Wright and Penny Arcade's Tycho, with surprisingly few exceptions, so perhaps you know where I'll usually be coming from, unless you don't know those people. I have to warn you though: as you are probably an average person, this blog might too cerebral for you. Not cerebral in the sense that you're too dumb, but in the sense that your enjoyment of playing games versus analyzing them is probably much higher, proportionally, than mine.

This blog will have game reviews, but they will be a little unlike what you are used to, unless - like I said - you read Tycho's PA news posts. These are expositions about mechanics and industry, and don't typically have numerical ratings. More often, this blog will talk about interesting things in games, mostly on the horizon or current, sometimes looking back. Be it mechanics within the games, industry trends, development news, what have you, if something catches my eye, I will comment here. That's the goal for the overall body of work... But I'll digress periodically, should something engage me in a similar fashion.

Though I have no practical experience in the industry (psst... that means where money is invovled), I have a long history of interest in game playing and game development. More info about me is sprinkled among the rest of the blog, but suffice it to say that I'm a very easy-going person, except where my principles are directly challenged.

At any rate, you can know why I act like I know so much about this sort of stuff, having never worked a day of my life in games: it's all I ever do. I love games. I don't love games like most people love them; I love them like a devoted beta tester loves them. Choose, if you will, for some X game purchases to be free, or to have some quality time with a developer or studio of your choice. If you choose the latter, you are probably, probably in the right place.

Why "play.create.connect"? Well, the formatting just looks cool, really. The words are my interests with regards to this blog: I play games, I like creating game content, and the internet is nearly my sole connection to gaming news and resources. The name is a little obscure in that regard, because all of the more direct names are taken on * by blogs with terrible grammar and two entries (just like most blogs, no doubt).

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