Monday, September 25, 2006

Uwe Boll, example: sleazy businessmen, not artists

Read this, will you? You can even read how he decided to show up his detractors by inviting them to fight him in a boxing match. That's seriously mental.

This guy doesn't understand games and doesn't understand films. He only gets releases because he's funded outside of Hollywood.

Games were once a black hole of suckery when it came to licensed IPs; people who complain about how bad they are now didn't play any games before the release of GoldenEye. We are slowly pulling ourselves out.

Films based on game IPs on the other hand are only just budding, and making all the same slip-ups as before; they're being done by businessmen who don't ask, "What can we do with this IP which will kick ass?", they ask, "How much cash could I wring out of this IP if I made a film based on it?"

It's a big problem, money in the arts. There's a careful balancing act between crap so deep and meaningful that the average person hates it, and crap so blatantly mass-produced and uncared-for that everyone on Earth hates it. Movies based on video games are - for the moment - the latter.

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