Wednesday, September 13, 2006

43 Things

This is a fascinating site. I thought it was stupid at first... pedantic, even. I was wrong. It reveals many things.

It reveals I've done way more in my short life than I realize, things that other people want to do, and how fortunate I should feel. I can even chime in with my 2 cents on getting it done.

It reveals how people want things. Some people want to grow as people, others are comically superficial regarding appearance or fitness; some goals are bold, others are down-to-earth; some goals are possible, others are fanciful; some goals are uplifting, others are dangerous. It's a fascinating insight to the human condition.

You can also find amazing things and coincidences. You'll find out someone who's beaten you by a week to all the "things" you are reading about and commented in them lives in the same city. You'll send "cheers" to people's entries and goals, and they just might cheer you back; these can appear at a glance to be out of nowhere. Why am I being cheered by this person for wanting a job in video games? Does he like games? Does he like that I'm so confident in what I want to do? I have no idea.

You'll learn that people want things you didn't know people want. You'll learn just how common some wants are ("stop procrastinating" is astoundingly common).

If you just poke around here and there, it will seem like a pointless waste of time where each person is totally self-centered on what ey want to do; you need to actually join, poke around, and leave comments on things you've done and want to do, to get the full experience.

That said, here's my page. Be warned, seeing the desires of a fellow human being, laid bare for all the universe to see, can be embarrassing and/or terrifying just as easily as it can be enlightening.

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